Ways to estimate cost of ISO 9001 implementation?

The cost of ISO 9001 implementation is  among the list of primary subjects which comes up when  making a decision to  have into the  assignment, and generally, the main drawback because it is  quite difficult to  generate an  accurate  estimation at the  starting of the  task.

The  cost of implementing ISO 9001 certification  will depend on   numerous   aspects, and the more you get  comfortable with the standard, the  simpler it will be for  an individual to  figure out the  budget range and make a highly accurate  estimation. This  post will talk about the main  factors of ISO 9001 implementation  charges and   help to make your  price range for the project.

What influences the cost?

varieties of costs.  Based on the implementation options you  select, they might be  considerably  distinct. Also, the  prices will  rely  closely on the size of the organization and  sophistication of its processes. In  many instances, a smaller organization  may have less  complicated processes and technology available, so  associated expenses will be  cheaper.

Even though I can’t  provide you a  amount or  actual cost of the ISO 9001 implementation in your company, here are the  factors that will  impact it:

ISO 9001 implementation cost

Acquiring knowledge : The  most significant  factor to be  obtained  throughout the implementation project is the  know-how  essential but not merely for the implementation,  moreover  later on maintenance of the QMS (Quality Management System). Your employees, or a minimum of the ones included in the implementation, will have to  be present at training. Usually training is costly for that you need to check with good ISO consulting services for better understanding or through books.

External help :  The training  alone won’t be  sufficient generally, you will require some additional  assistance to  maintain the project. If you don’t have  personnel with  expertise in ISO 9001 implementation, you are in need of someone who does have such knowledge. The help can come from consultants and other sources.

Cost of your employees : This is  usually  abandoned  simply because companies are actually  paying out their  personnel and they  almost never see the employees’ time as  added cost in this kind of project. The fact is that the  personnel will be engaging with the implementation activities  instead of  performing their  standard assignments, and this is one of the hidden costs of the implementation.

Certification costs : The  assignment is not  finish until it  goes by the certification audit. The certificate is the  proof that you  handled to implement the standard effectively, and your future  initiatives should be in the direction of the improvements. The cost of ISO certification will  rely  mainly on the number of employees and the number of locations you covered with the QMS scope

After the implementation : Once you  go with the certification audit, you will obtain surveillance audits for the subsequent three years, then after you will have the re-certification audit . The cost of the surveillance and re-certification audits are usually  more compact than the certification audits, but  not always the same case, so its better to consult an ISO 9001 consulting services provider who can assist you for every re-audits.

Do you want to implement industry best practices?

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